2 ½ - 7 Year Olds

About Our Programs

  • Visually stimulating and clean environment conductive to learning
  • Incorporates learning colors, numbers, and shapes (ages 4 & younger)
  • Small scale gymnastics equipment aids faster progression
  • Introduces movement patterns of gymnastics with correct terminology, strength, and flexibility exercises
  • Advanced students encouraged to gain new gymnastics skills
  • Different weekly themes using sponges, beanbags, and more
  • Friendly, energetic, helpful, and experienced staff who provide
    positive reinforcement
  • Students will progress individually. They will be encouraged to advance to our Level 3 gymnastics team through our Pre-Gymnastic program to Pre-Team Mini’s (Level 2) classes if they choose.

Fosters Development of:

  • Interpersonal and social skills
  • Building good listening and memory skills
  • Coordination, confidence, self-esteem, and independence
  • Encouragement of each other as they gain new skills
  • Leadership abilities plus respect for instructors and equipment
  • Special aptitudes in balance and body awareness
  • Prepares children for preschool and kindergarten readiness

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Tel: (440) 708-0588

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