Tuesday May 26th

Hey Everyone,

Here’s the final update regarding the new Spring/Summer session as well as some other things. We are following through with the new Spring/Summer session starting June 1-July 24. We want everyone to be as safe as possible. In order to help Responsibly Restart Ohio, there will be a few changes.

Our staff will be wearing face masks at all times. We recommend everyone else to do the same. We will have some child-size face masks for sale in the front lobby for those interested. These face masks are locally made by Corinne DeCesare of Jesus Speak|Fine Custom Clothing. You can check out some of her other stuff at JesusSpeak.us

We have converted the Studio to a second waiting room and spread out the chairs to be 6 feet apart. Outdoor seating is also provided. This should help keep everyone at distance. Additionally, there will be a dedicated entrance and exit. Signs are posted to show the way.

Hand sanitizer is posted everywhere, additionally, it will be required to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the gym. We will also be cleaning equipment and restrooms daily, and high contact areas routinely. 

We recommend bringing your own water bottles, but please take them with you when you go. Any bottles left behind will be discarded. We will have water bottles available to purchase. The drinking fountain is still available, just recommended not to use. Wipes will be available to use if needed.

We are limiting the number of classes per day and the number of students allowed per class. Those affected by the change have been notified. A few class times adjusted to prevent overlapping classes. Max of 10 students in the gym at one time (8 regular, 2 make ups). Additionally, there will be no parent observations for the Pre Gym classes during the first week for returning students.

Friday Open Gym news to come soon!
Family Open Gym will be returning in the Fall

Pre Gym I, Martial Arts, Family Open Gym

If you have ANY questions or comments, please feel free to call us at 440-708-0588.