3-7 yrs

Class times and availability for the Spring/Summer Session is currently being updated. All class times will be posted by 5/28

If you have any questions, please call us at 440-708-0588

All our Pre-Gymnastic classes are age appropriate, and we will be introducing movement patterns of gymnastics using small-scale gymnastics equipment and correct terminology with our unique and fun instructional program.  We will encourage your child to find the leadership abilities within themselves and help them develop good listening skills.  We also incorporate learning colors, numbers, and shapes to make learning fun in our safe environment and nurturing atmosphere.  He or she will enjoy the different themes each week utilizing sponges, beanbags, and other objects that make learning gymnastics fun and exciting.  Your child’s continual improvement builds confidence, self-esteem, and independence.  Students will progress individually and be advanced by our energetic and experienced staff.

3-7 yrs old


3-4½ yrs  $98
Must be 3 yrs before first class

Learn basic tumbling skills, such as cartwheels, handstands, and rolls, on small scale gymnastics equipment. We also incorporate learning numbers and shapes in a fun and positive atmosphere. Parents are welcome to watch the first and last week of class. If your child is not potty trained, a parent must stay in the lobby.

Tuesday 11:00-11:45 am w/Chery

4½-7 yrs  No Experience  $118

A good place to start with little to no gymnastics experience. Help increase body awareness by learning beginner gymnastic skills, like cartwheels and pullovers on the bars. Our small scale equipment allows for quicker progression. Parents are welcome to watch the first and last week of class.

Tuesday FULL 3:45-4:45 pm w/Chery
Wednesday NEW TIME 4:00-5:00 pm w/Chery
Saturday 1:15-2:15 pm w/Chery

4-7 yrs  Invitation from staff only  $158

For young gymnastics with cartwheels, headstands, bridges and backwards rolls. Start to learn correct terminology and more advanced skills, from back-handsprings, walkovers, and more! Our small scale equipment allows for much faster progression. Earn special Skill Ribbons whenever a new skill is achieved. Parents are welcome to watch the first and last week of classes.

Tuesday 4:45-6:00 pm w/Chery
Saturday 2:15-3:30 pm w/Chery
PRE TEAM MINI'S (5-8 yrs)

5-8 yrs  Invitation from staff only  $188

Requirement: Backbend kickover, pullover on bars, backward roll, round-off off beam, good bridge.
Learn advanced gymnastic skills like walkovers, back handsprings, and back hip-circles. Expand their skills to back-handsprings and more! Earn special Skill Ribbons whenever a new skill is achieved. Students may progress from this class to our Xcel Bronze Mini's Gymnastics Team.

Wednesday 5:00-6:30 pm w/Chery



Will return in Summer 2020, June 8-July 10

In the meantime, check out Beginner Gymnastics!

7-14 yrs  No Experience

For beginners and intermediate tumblers. Learn cartwheels, rolls, walkovers, and tumbling skills transitioning to back handsprings. Great for cheerleading, dance, or any other acrobatic athletes.


Will return in Summer 2020, June 8-July 10

In the meantime, check out Beginner & Intermediate Gymnastics!

6-9 yrs  Boys & Girls

Requirement: Good cartwheels & bridges
Expand your tumbling skills in a caring and safe environment. Learn skills from walkovers, to back-handsprings, aerials, and more! Great for cheerleading, dance, and any other acrobatic athletes!


Mrs Katie Retired!
As a new empty nester, Mrs Katie plans to travel all around the country to cheer on her two kids compete in their college sporting events We will all miss her and wish her the best!

PT Preschool Dance Instructor
Part time, flexible hours, year round. Great for students and parents. You'll be teaching preschool boys and girls basic dance containing ballet and creative movements using props like scarves, ribbons, bean bags, and toy horses. Training available. Call 440-708-0588 if interested


Martial Arts (6-12 yrs)

6-12 yrs  Boys & Girls  $218

Grand Master James Ziots has been instructing since 1998, with a 5th degree black belt in Chan Sul Kwon and Hapkido. The core curriculum involves self defense that employs basic movements, stances, and other striking movements. Training drills with foam Kata swords and Jujitsu is also incorporated. Students gain strength, confidence, and self-discipline in a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Saturday 11:00-12:30 pm w/James Ziots

123 & ABC Art

123 & ABC ART (2½-4 yrs)

2½ -4 yrs  Boys & Girls  $138

Learn different letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in a fun, encouraging, and unique way to help develop fine motor skills.

Tuesday 11:00-12:00 pm w/Michelle